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The essence of all art is to have pleasure in giving pleasure  ~  Dale Carnegie

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Reflections on society and series pieces provide additional narratives. These pieces range from passionate understated social commentary to pure aesthetic appreciation.

Astracts seek to convey emotional, sensual, visceral, spiritual, &/or contemplative drivers that fuel their creation. They represent a captured point in time, in some ways.  They can sometimes mask their complexity with the sense of movement, interconnectivity and/or 'flow' they convey.

In addition to large canvas pieces, recent work includes various metal bases, chemical patinas, catalyzed urethanes, textures, translucence & reflectivity.  These efforts create works of unusual depth, engaging viewers through the shifting presence/absence of various components as they move about the piece.  Some are difficult to describe (and impossible to fully capture in photographs) as they're crafted to interact with the viewer, in person - allowing for individualized interpretation.

"Ever since my youth (growing up on 3 continents), I've been drawn to elements of shape, color, line, contrast, space, balance and the ranges of meaning they convey in differing cultural, social & economic contexts.  The allure is fed by a love for the infinicy of visual aesthetics as much as by how these elements can communicate what words and music simply cannot.  


I know, I know, EVERY artist says something along these cliche-ed lines, but it really is true for me (and quite likely for most artists, as well):  My current work truly IS a tangible & visual response to life and society as I've observed them, experienced them and continued learning from them.  It embodies reflections on beauty, contrast, synergy, movement, conflict, humor, emotion, contemplation and commentary.  It embraces the view that everything is 'interconnected' in some way and, hopefully, it connects with people in ways that aesthetically draw them in and make them think - and then want to return to look, enjoy and think some more.  


Levity aside, this was written with a straight face because it's true.   Feel free to read a little more  about me here."

Phoenix exhibition in Spring 2015 - dates TBD.

Pieces displayed at the studio can be viewed by appointment.

The Art of Michael Ferguson

Blue Nude #2

Painted using many transparent layers over aluminum, viewers experience this  piece differently as they move about it, due to the infinite variations in reflectivity and translucency.  The figure, the depths of color and the textured substrates all disappear and reappear from different lighting and viewing angles.  Unfortunately, these still slides can only glive a glimpse into this viewing experience .

The catalyst for this piece is intentionally unstated so that viewers may individually connect with it  and pull from it their own personal meaning.

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Reaching for the unique, while still speaking with a single voice, Michael's work breaks through the limits of artistic labeling, incorporating elements of the Surreal with Abstractive Realism, Refractive Illumination, pure Abstraction, Illusory Kinetics, Suggestivist and Deconstructivist tendencies.  The result is a body of work that speaks to the interconnectedness of all things, of the beauty of being and to the necessity and qualitative impications of 'movement' as one of life's defining characteristics.